I'm sorry, but Lil' Hood-Lums has closed its virtual doors! Thank you to all my loyal customers who keep coming back for towels. You might check my facebook page periodically to see if I've posted any new towels as I slowly find time to use up my fabric stock and sew every now and then. Thank you for the fun years!

Specializing in hooded bath towels for infants and young children, Lil' Hood-Lums offers many other precious gift items as well. Bibs, burpies, and gift sets are just a few of the things you'll find! Come in and browse around and you'll absolutely fall in love with these hand-designed towels and gifts that you can customize yourself!

My custom towels are made after you order them! The pictures shown are just examples of towels I have done in the past. Please contact me if you do not see what you are looking for. I can help you coordinate with your color scheme or room theme.

Customer Testimonials

"The towel that was bought for me as a gift from you has held up unbelievable!! Excellent quality. I started using it when my daughter was 2 months even though it was way to big and she is now 17 months and it is just like new. As long as it is not in the laundry we use it for every bath."
-Karen, FL

"Your towels are my preferred baby shower gift. I can match the towel to the nursery theme of the mom-to-be and they have loved them, thanks!"
-Peggy, TX

"Lil' Hoodlums are the best hooded towels on the market. I have two and they go from being big and cuddly for infants to the perfect size up to school age. They are very well constructed and have suffered little wear and tear despite daily use of one for 4 years now. I highly recommend Lil' Hoodlums!"
-Julie, TX

"I loved that the towel was a good quality towel. A lot of the towels you find for infants and toddlers are often thin and don't absorb water well. You can be sure that your child will not only stay dry but warm!"
-Sharon, TX
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