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Large/Toddler Sized
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Lil' Hood-Lums Hooded Bath Towels are the perfect towels for infant to toddler...and beyond! They are great for bath and the pool and beach. Three sizes of hooded towel are available. Completely customize your towel order by choosing the size and color towel, fabric, and optional personalization and accessories. Click on each size towel to see more information and the colors and fabrics available.

You will notice in the photos that the fabric on some towels covers the whole hood, and on others it is a band. You will have a choice on most towels if you want a "full hood" or "band" of fabric. In general, the full hood is best for large prints, and a band looks best for small prints such as stripes or gingham. Also please remember that I do not keep a stock of towels on hand! Each towel is custom made after discussing the details with the customer. This means you get exactly what you want, but also means it takes time to complete the order. I usually ask for a minimum of 2 weeks to complete each order, espcially if personalization embroidery is desired.

The infant towel is perfect for the newborn through approximately one year of age. My taller children used their infant sized towels until they were about one and their toes started peeking out the bottom. My "short stuff" can still use his at almost age 3! Although it is much smaller and thinner than the large size towel, it is still much larger than your standard store bought towel. It is more than enough towel for your precious newborn! A great baby shower gift!

This towel measures approximately 42"L x 24"W*.
Price: $10
Optional Personalization: $8

The large towel is great for infant through the toddler years. This is a full sized, thick bath towel that will completely swaddle a newborn and grow with them through the years...even up to five years old. Available in a wide variety of colors, this is the perfect every day towel.

This towel measures approximately 54"L x 30"W*.
Price: $18
Optional Personalization: $10

The Extra Plush Hooded Towel is the Ultimate baby gift! You won't believe how soft and thick this towel is. This towel will completely engulf the newborn and is extra soft against their delicate skin. This full sized towel is large enough to still fully cover your 5 year olds, and beyond. My seven year old still prefers his hooded towel to regular ones!

This towel measures approximately the same as the large towel*, but is of a slightly higher quality.
Price: $22
Optional Personalization: $10

*exact dimensions may vary based on the brand of towel used
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